Monday, September 7, 2009

Time For A Recharge

My "artist batteries" are running on low. I've got the twitch. You know, that involuntary twitch we artists get when we've been out of direct contact with what inspires us for too long. My wife has forbade me from handling cutlery until the twitch has been settled — my batteries recharged.

For me, this means returning to the high places of the Rocky Mountains — painting en plein air, photographing, hiking and basically immersing myself in all that the mountains of the west have to offer. The Rockies are my muse, my inspiration. They are what move me to paint.

In just short of two weeks, I will leave the heat of the desert southwest and head to Rocky Mountain National Park to spend a week doing exactly what I need to do to fill my artistic reservoir... once again. And although this particular trip is somewhat of a consolation prize (my wife and I were going to spend two weeks in Glacier NP and the Grand Tetons until she was laid off from her job just a few weeks ago), I am no less excited to get out and get inspired.

I will be sure to post some of the highlights from this trip when I return.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about the layoff, and hope you'll manage to have a great trip anyway. Have a blast and refuel that muse!