Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Glacier National Park Project

I recently discovered a web site called "Kickstarter". They facilitate fundraising for artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative folk who are interested in developing creative projects. It's incredible how far technology has come — this kind of opportunity didn't exist just a few years ago. Now the individual artist, musician, etc., has access to a much larger base of people who are interested in funding the arts and those that do wish to fund creative projects have access to a much larger pool of talented creatives.

With my discovery of Kickstarter, I decided to take the opportunity to try and get a project of my own funded...

Due to the financial limitations many of us artists face, we can often feel limited in producing the best work we're capable of. In many ways, I've felt such limitations. In particular, I've felt limited in my access to the subject matter I love; the mountains and their inhabitants. Every year I try to get out for as long as I can afford and immerse myself in the landscape — soaking up as much as I can. But all too often, I'm limited, financially, to spend as much time as I feel I need to truly connect with my subject matter. But that's life and I try to make due. However, with my discovery of Kickstarter, I have an opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream of mine; to spend an extended period of time in one of the most pristine and remote of America's National Parks painting, sketching, and photographing my subjects without feeling rushed. If my project were funded, I could relax and focus on my work and my subject in ways I've never been able to before.

In the end, my project is about producing my most comprehensive, reflective and personal body of work to date.

I invite you all to take a closer look at my project. For those of you interested in supporting the arts, please consider my project. For those artists out there, take a close look at Kickstarter. Maybe it can help you to fund a project you wouldn't otherwise be financially able to on your own.

Click here to check out my project!

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